Omnicam | Calibration

Camera Calibration

Calibrating the Omnicam puts the camera in an optimal position for scanning.Upon installation of the device a calibration will be done in the office.

In a typical dental practice, things may bumped around and dropped on occasion. If this happens to your Omnicam, or you start noticing a performance difference with your camera, a simple calibration will ease any concerns of impact effects to its operation.

Here are the quick steps to calibrate your Omnicam......

Preparing the unit for calibration

  1. In the software, navigate to the system menu, and click on the "Configuration" button.
  2. Click the "Devices" button.
  3. Click the "Omnicam" button.
  4. Click the "Calibrate" button.The camera view is displayed in one window.
  5. Follow the prompt to set up the calibration set with the corresponding ID number. At this point, check that this ID matches the ID on your calibration set. If this is not the case, consult your operating manual for detailed instructions.

Calibrate the camera

  1. Remove the protective cap from the calibration set.
  2. Mount the calibration set on the tip of the camera until it locks into place.
  3. Secure the CEREC Omnicam in the calibration set using one hand. Ensure that the external calibration set screw is fully screwed in, using a clockwise motion until it gently locks into place.
  4. Click on the "OK" button on your CEREC AC. This starts the measuring process. The software will prompt you to proceed to the next step.
  5. Turn the screw counter-clockwise until you reach the next calibration point.
  6. Click on the"OK"button on your CEREC AC. In doing so, ensure that the CEREC Omnicam does not move.
    The software confirms the calibration process. The software prompts you to proceed with this technique for a total of 11 calibration points The software provides status updates on the calibration and informs you once the procedure is complete.

Measuring the position of the exit window

  1. Mount the bottom side of the calibration set to the tip of the camera.
  2. Click on the"OK"button on your CEREC AC.
    The calibration process will continue.A message will display indicating that the calibration is complete
  3. Confirm the message by clicking the"OK"button on your CEREC AC.

The CEREC Omnicam is calibrated.