Omnicam | Margination

Marking the margin

Identifying the margin is one of the most crucial elements of a successful ceramic restoration. With CEREC, this process is quick and efficient without compromising precision. With 2 simple tools, users can mark even the most complex margins.

In most cases with clear, fully visible margins, the automatic margin finder is the perfect tool for the job. A double click just inside the margin will begin the margin line. As you proceed around the margin, the software finds the outermost pixel edge of the prepared margin. Because Omnicam captures color information, the visual feedback in teeth versus tissue is incomparable.

In some cases it might be necessary to utilize the manual margin finder to finish a margin line or adjust an existing margin line. In these cases, simply double click to start using this tool and single click to save incremental progress. A double click finalizes the use of this tool.

Margination Video